Birgitte Bang

Birgitte Bang

Update august 2019. Life can be hard and I need to reestablish my life. I have not executed any courses or worked as a consultant within leadership, nor have I earned any money, but I have had a lot of challenges with my family and children. I hope that my skills can be usefull and I would like to participate in serious business, which also include a serious responsibility for construction of societies and our earth. 

I have written books about modern challenges, which I belive we have to do something about besides just doing business and I would like to hear from anybody, who would like to work with me. In this moment I live in Denmark, but I would like to work with foreign countries and companies. Please contact me as soon as possible as I am ready for a new job. 

You can write to me on email: and please try my phone + 45 81 74 02 27.

Happy weekend to your all


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