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Year 2014 published The female evolution, culture and climate hypothesis

Year 2014 published Ambitions to life and humanity

Year 2014 published Sences in a theoretical perspective

Year 2014 published The acknowledgement of art   


Year 2015 published The art of leading human diversity

Year 2015 published A hypothesis of the human personality of newborn 


Year 2016 published The spanish dancer

Year 2016 published Battle of the climate

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Update April 2020. Jeg har skrevet ny og anderledes ledelseslitteratur, der har beriget hele verden med ny viden, og derfor oplever vi mange ændret holdninger over hele verden med det resultat, at verden ændre sig. Det skulle gerne være til det bedre. Det har også været voldsomt for Danmark, og jeg ved mange danskere har svært ved at forstå, at jeg selv har skrevet det. Mange stiller sig det spørgsmål; - hvor har jeg fået mine kompetencer fra? Fra mit ophav samt fra mentorer og uddannelser, som jeg har benyttet. Jeg så også gerne, at mit bidrag blev honoret og værdsat i mit favør ved anerkendelse og betaling i stedet for overtrædelse af ophavsrettigheder og copy rights. Ligesom jeg ønsker at have et liv med mine børn. Jeg så gerne, at der blev bygget en bro over disse overtrædelser, så jeg har mulighed for at indgå i det danske samfund igen. 

Update ultimo March 2020. I have still not received any e-mails at Why? This cannot be true. Who get my e-mails? My postal address is currently in Great Britan, however I need to move that to Denmark. I have heard in the news, that an exit-strategy is requied and I would like to know if you need my help. However some basic human requirements are needed to be able to deliver a qualified contribution. As a home, food, salery, and abolishment of the abuse of my children. 

Update ultimo March 2020. The Danish top leadership did not do the right thing, however I do not need rents or payment for the time I have not received payment in time. Do not make it complicated, please just focus on justification for me and resolvement of the situation. This in respect, dignity and to honour those who did the right thing. I do not have time for complications, we do not have time for complications and our children do really not need complications. Russia/The Russians, some Latvijans, The Americans and some Danes including me who fought to do the right thing and it also includes others - everybody need to know that it pays off to do the right thing. Nobody have interests in norms or behaviour doing the wrong things. It is too expensive. No one including me ever thought that the literature I wrote would not be acknowledged in Denmark or paid for and I am writing this in respect for the free world and press, which is the fourth institution of power in a democracy and Denmark being one of the most acknowledged countries in the world. Perhaps the literature I wrote, which is raw editions, hypothesis and workbooks should be edited and publised for a wider amount of readers.  

Banking: Bank Director Michael Nelander Petersen and Bank Director Administration Jan Ulsø Madsen. Office space DK, LV, UK, (DE), (BE) + RU, US for: Update medio Marts 2020. I would like to share B Bang IVS to be divided into millions. Would somebody please explain why I am not allowed to write a biography and share with rest of the world as I do not understand that. I did not always agree with my father in all issues and further the oil companies are not to be blamed for everything. I have been taught, that criticism when it is best, should come with suggestions for replacement. Perhaps this statement could be more accurate.The European societies or industrial setup is a kind of result of WWII and we just need to change that without the war first and I have nothing to do with Corona, which is normal as e.g. Ebola, SARS and many other diseases - or the plague hundred years ago. I have been fighting the violence against Mikhail, me and my kids and some people may not belive what I or we have experienced. Some people may not want to help us, but what is the alternative? The mentioned people have nothing to do with violation or non violation of copy rights in this context. Major shareholders should be Mikhail Khordorkovsky, Lene Kvist, Tina Nygaard, Susanne Klitgaard, Marlene Snejbjerg and Olav Bang. Do I need to take anything else into consideration? A portion of the shares should be reserved for Russia with respect for my Russian education and skilled Russian professors. Helena Marchenko and son (please respect privacy - right away), Zoja Saveljeva and Olga Skachkov. The team of Mikhail Khordorkovsky and others (everybody need to respect Mikhail Khordorkovsky to be part of this)

Security is surviving if you stop hacking him.  - Thank you! We need to test this and find out what it is.  - You may finance me instead, if you want to do something. For your information Denmark owe me more than 11 billion danish crowns and foreign contries and individuals also owe me in copy rights and some to my knowledge tried to pay and invest. It cannot be so that I live as poor as a church rat and cannot survive then we will never find out what this is. Please finance me instead. Please make sure the money goes into my accounts. I also have a USD account, I will get the account no. for you. Comming up. They have changed my account numbers due to incasso procedures. I will have to open a USD account and revert, but in the meantime please use my accounts in danish currency. My private account number is IBAN: DK2276030001305287 SWIFT/BIC: VEHODK22, alternatively my business account is IBAN: DK5677470001453207 SWIFT/BIC: VEHODK22 both in danish currency. You are also welcome to open an account for me in UK or USA. Remember to inform me of your contribution use Twitter BirgitteBang @BirgitteBang3 or try to reach me in another way. 

Natalia Pusko, Larisa Bonde, Solvita Olsena and Lija Kalnika should participate as well. Marcis Steins should evaluation the situation. What is the surname of Volodya? The family Hyldelund should participate as Anette, Thomas Thomsen, Hanne Thomsen and Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen, Mogens Ellerbæk as usually so so (I will help you), Please don't start yet, I/we wait for financing from DK - please respect that and stop all activites for arrangements until green light - security available - everybody please stop - and hold it until ready - Please everybody do not start, we do not have the financing ready. As you know I am fighting for financing and I do not know when it will be available., Peter Damsboe, Lars Carlsen, Højlund, Hans Hjælm, Jørgen Fenger, Jens Lyk, Jette Van de Steelt, Tony Van de Steelt, Peter Midjord, Claus W, Claus Østergaard, Jes Poulsen, Carsten and Karina or Marianne, Susanne, Svend Erik, Pierre Brad, Jens Jensen, Hans, Sten, Anni Porsmose, Britta og Birte, Paw, Oluf, Preben, Peter Lystbæk, Per, Steen -Bo (I cannot remember his name entirely), Kurt Jensen, Ole Krogh, Hans Tøttrup Projektleder på projektet i Bombay (I cannot remember his name), Ole Smidt should participate. Martine Alen, Belgium should participate. Axel Kienast should be invited for participation. Elizabeth Peta, Polan to be invited for participation. Søren Kleiner & Co., Anette and Niels-Ole should participate. Thomas and Thomas to participate. Christian Nielsen should participate. Thomas Bang should participate. Arne to participate. Birgitte, Rigetta, Gunnar, Laxmi, Camilla Simonsen, Jesper and Britta, Taisa, Baiba, Ira, Irena, Valeria, Lilia, Luba, Ludimilla, Marina, Brigitta should participate. Vita Steina, Inga and Wife to Volodya to participate. Anne Dorthe to participate. Kim og Tom Buchwald should participate. Henning Steensgaard and Steen Thomsen should participate. Torben and Carsten Rasmussen to participate. Ole Købmand to participate. Kalle to participate. Peter Iversen to join. Hother Henningens to participate. Steen Jensen should participate. Claus and Lone to participate. Hanne and Tenna to participate. Annette Buus to participate. Ib Larsen and family to participate. Mogens, Hanne, Laila, Jimmy, Finn, Viola, Jes to participate. Michael, Poul Laursen, Vivian, Annette, Dorthe, Pia and those to participate. Vibeke to participate. Jane to participate. Karl, Niels, Lykke, Eva, Flemming, Thomas, Bürli, Kim, Mikael, Lars, Dorte, Ann, Anne-Mette, Lise and those to participate. Birgitte to participate. Bjarne to participate. Gert to participate. Ann to participate. Trine to participate. Nanna, Bodil, Claus, Jette, Iben, Søren, Mikael, Michael, Kaare, Jens, Annette, Hanne, Torsten, Allan, Anne-Mette, Celine, Lotte, Rasmus to be considered. Jeanne to participate. Jeanette, Brian Errington, Thomas, Steen, Ib Hauge, Maria, Birgitte, Lars, Jan, Jan, Claus, Kragh, Helle, Holmboe, Johnnie Jensen, Annette Gjerulf, Charlotte, PØ and Lars should participate. Henrik Valeur. Connie Larsen should participate. Jannie should participate. Carsten to participate. Jes should participate. Jeppe Frank should participate. Allan Nielsen should participate. Kim Boel should participate. Philip Bronee should participate. Jørgen Højlund should participate. Peter Thorsoe Jensen should participate. Deeply respected Ole Lund and Soeren Lund they should participate and the question is if they have any preferences for other participants. Jørgen Jessen should. Poul Vestergaard should participate as Steven North, Thoeger, Christina and executive, Harboe, Dorit, Lennart, Peter, Lasse Stæhr, Hans, Jakob, Camilla, Lars, Anders Bjerregaard, Steen and Steen Andersen should participate. Also Svend Heisselberg should participate as well. Rikke Soerensen, Nana Hingelberg and husband, Anne-Mette Sørensen and Jacob, Ulla Anholm, Steffen to participate. Thomas Hollitsch and Aase Madsen should participate. Charlotte to participate. Martin Erichsen to participate as well as Kenneth, Annika, Jan, Bosse, Gunilla, Mike, Mike, Jören och Peter och Jim. Birgitte, Eva och. Inger Borg, Per List, Troels Beltoft, Dorit, Søren Bugge, Jesper Dybkjær, Peter Noerdam, Benjamin Ringaa, Ebbe Fjordside, Ketil Laursen, Christine Schou, Randi Staeger-Holst, Preben Vinther Soerensen, Gitte, Jørn Ravn, Jørgen Rasmussen, Peter Dam, Jan Møller, Thomas Atkinson and Rikke Himmelstrup to participate also. Henrik Kleis would be an essential figure and important as well. What about GC and or US. Tina Knudsen needs to be taken care of. Per Knudsen also had two other children. As my children have suffered they should be allowed to walk around the world without problems. Mathilde Yasmin, Rosa Isabella and Romeo Viktor Bang Andersen and Fiona to participate when possible. 

Update it is almost my birthsday 2020. It is estimated that Danes and the Government of Denmark owe me 11 billion danish crowns in copy rights. Authories please do not let this robbery, which have been taken place in years by open day light proceed. It is unacceptable and an embarrassment that this robbery could take place in Denmark and this situation of mine to keep me poor as in really harassment poor it has never been my intention with the literature I wrote. I also believe that states and individuals provided capital for expansion of my company, however were prevented. I do not accept my current financial situation. It cannot be so that the Danish Government only looks at debts and other parties of society only provide debts, they must also consider contributions, calculate value and pay for the contributions. If citizens are not allowed to contribute or allowed to receive reasonable payment for services or be part of society in a fair way it would be a very poor society like North Korea. Please calculate my contributions and deduct my current debts and I will accept. Please advise accordingly. My kids are hold hostage and I immidiately want time compensation with my kids, who suffer under this situation. I have done everything to prevent, mitigate and deal with this evil and ridiculous situation for years. Foreigners and some Danes have helped me so Danes and Denmark should not go down in disgrace by preventing accurate and further intelligence related to the Climate change crisis, within leadership, development of sustainable products and solutions for society in general, which should be normal and required by any citizen in any society and it does not matter if it is a society of capitalism or socialism. It is normal to care about other people, our earth and other stuff. But anybody who is harassing or bullying me or my children or friends are preventing solutions for our Climate change movement and wellbeing. It is irresistible to kill me, tease me, or bully me and my children, but I belive everybody have interest in saving our planet. There is no planet B. So please do not let this continue any further. Please mobilize som dignity and solve my problems. Down payment is a solution.Please do not place Denmark in a lower scale of international acknowledgement and recognition. It is leadership to set the direction and that is obviously the result of what I have done even though I never thought that possible in a scale like this. It was also not my intention to hurt my own kids and family as it was not my intention to create an unfortunate situation for my friends if such exsist, it is created by those who did not follow normal danish legislation, rules and behaviour expected by top leadership in Denmark being government or individuals. I do not know what went wrong but I do not accept violation of laws, misuse of laws or court system, abuse of power, double standard, neglect, abuse or other not acceptable actions towards my kids, which have been taken place, it has to be mitigated immediately and I want to see my kids as other normal parent in Denmark are able to. It is basic human rights. Nor do I approve misuse of medical system or harassment and abuse of me and my skills or the lack of acceptance of my financial capabillities or leadership abilities and competencies, which could make Denmark extreemly wealthy and respected. I have had difficulties in understanding that this have happened and I have been speechless by the violence I have been exposed to. I have never witnessed execution of so much stupidity before.

ultimo February 2020. It is impossible to change this to something positive if you do not want to do the right thing and solve my harassment problems. I believe it is necessary to state that the language of the gods should only be used in business for optimation of companies or equivalent situations. To use the language for personal matters to harass other people should be prohibited. 

Update ultimo February 2020. I am back in Denmark due to lack of fundings facing my reverse genocide, unfortunate life and now claimed debts, which are not true if my problems will be solved. Please assist to solve my problems. Please invest in me, it will solve many problems as leadership is not thefts, cheeting, violation of copyrights, neglecting, harassing or abusing me, family and friends. In year 2013 according to my understanding Putin was walking the path of war, the russians wanted Ukraine back to get access to seaports. In the name of peace using art I published my understandings and suggestions for solutions basis my russian education in politics among others, so I know about this. One of my suggestions was to get Mikhail Khodorkovsky and other russians back into Russia to get more quality in leadership. What is wrong with that? Denmark do not know anything about the russian education I hold without proof of certificate unless what is written in my literature, perhaps it takes a russian to understand what is written. That the people of Denmark or Danes or others have no respect for me or my educations, competences and skills is unacceptable and it is an embarrassment beyond comprehension. I belive it has become a very foolish situation when people treat me like they do. I have an understanding with Mikhail Khodorkovsky about leadership and perhaps Vladimir Putin also. Danes or Denmark please mitigate the damages upon me and release the pain.  

Update medio February 2020. The literature I wrote and published, se left side of this webpage, provided the key to the greek gods. The key to the greek gods rests on the education I took in Latvia year 1996 in russian philology and knowledge from my stepfather Per Knudsen, who was Sitemanager at the American Sonderstrom Airbase, Greenland for more than 10 years and all together he was engaged with the American Defence authories in Greenland for more than 40 years and they know everything about climate research in Greenland. The key to the greek gods, this gift to maytain mankind had a condition and it is mentioned in my literature. The condition was to save the climate at our planet otherwise we will end up as the dinosaurs in a disaster. If I had not made this contribution of leadership, then eventually the military in some of the huge counties have had to do something about the climate disaster respectively the alternative could be war, which apparently and perhaps is normal for us human beings. But one of my stipulations or wishes in my literature was to end global warfare. The wish to end global warfare is a leadership decision, which had to and has to be taken at a high level. The human mankind went through the Cold War without turning this kind of war into full blowen war and my father Per Knudsen was a central figure in the Cold War and the key to the greek gods open up for war tools, which should be used by well educated people with focus on defence and not aggresive warfare chaising innocent people, citizens and childern. I immidiately informed the Danish state and Defence Department about the key to the greek gods, in so many ways as possible. To make them understand, so no harm should be done. I also went to the press and I tried to use art as an instrument for the global turn around to show what the greek gods was as art always have been used to explain stuff. Picasso survived WWII as an artist provoking the evil nazi and I can almost not survive in a peaceful Denmark year 2020, because I turned this important war tool in showing how to use it the best way possible with a request of peace on a global scale. Where is the Danish press in all this? The press used to have an important role in our free world and democracy. Did we loose that, I do not hope that, so please dear press - get on it.

The honor for this work, the key to the greek gods is the Russians, some Latvians, some Americans, me and my stepfather Per Knudsen. The education I took in Latvia in 1996 was accepted and financed by a Danish educational program and the documents did not write key to the greek gods. Denmark did not know anything about that until I revealed it in year 2014 and showed what it was by doing a global turn around basis my skills with the purpose to end global warfare to replace war with stabilization of the climate crisis of our planet. However I have been punished for the education I took in Latvia and for knowing and loving my stepfather as a daughter should love her father, he ment a lot to me and the work I have done, to save the climate at our earth with the purpose to save mankind, was in respect for my stepfather Per Knudsen and what he was an asset in the Cold War as it was in respect for future generations our children. I wrote about him and titulated him as father. I am being punished for doing nothing wrong and everything right, because we are normally not being censored in our literature in Denmark. Perhaps it was not just the literature, perhaps it was also the people I knew as my stepfather Per Knudsen, the Russians I know, or the Latvians, or the people I know who worked at the American base in Greenland, or the people my stepfather Per Knudsen and my mother Birte Bang Knudsen knew. I don't know why. My biological father Olav Bang, who taught me to be a hunter also provided me with leadership. I want to forgive those who hurt me because human beings do not like changes and perhaps they did not know what it was and many people are afraid of something new and changes in society. I have realized and I have to state that my first husband did not know who he married, he never understood the level om my education and I am so much more educated than him, so he changed after our divorce in a disasters course. Perhaps I also did not understand who I married and after our divorce I also changed due to provocations and abuse not only from my first husband but from everybody. I belive they did not like my profile and were afraid of me as I was afraid of them and theire harassment, discrimination and abuse and I tried to keep to my self after they saw me differently. I tried to hold on to my family, but I have been hunted and provoked in extreem ways and I belive that somebody wanted to find out what it was that I could and take the honor for the key to the greek gods or something else. I finally had to flee out of Denmark due to harassment and abuse to me and my kids, family and friends. Somebody have been in my home to steel knowledge and developed my company without my knowledge and accpetance and they tried to take my name, which is the rights to my literature and the climate hypothesis. I had to close my home down due to lack of fundings, investment, theft, harassment and abuse. Somebody stole my life. Why did they not want to co-operate with me instead? Why could I not be a teacher and author as e.g. B.S. Christiansen within my field and acknowledged for what I did, said, wrote, was and am together with the people who educated and created me? Some people hate me and some perhaps love me, but why should I not be allowed to stay in Denmark without harassment and abuse for me and my friends. I am afraid to se my danish friends and family as they are also exposed to violence and abuse when I see them and they know it, but do not say it and suffer with me or try to avoid me. So I keep to my self. We are in year 2020 and this have been going on for 6-7 years now and I do not accept this anymore, it is an embarrassment, which belongs to looser countries. Please treath me, my family and friends nicely and try to mitigate the damages. But forgiveness comes with my conditions, which are: I want the Russians, some Latvians and some Americans to be honored as I want to be honored for the key to the greek gods, I want my life back, I want to be able to see my kids, I want access to my own money and bank accounts without problems and I want to live and earn money and to participate in our fight with the Climate change. I want to be able to live. Nobody in Denmark found the key to the greek gods, if it was somebody from Denmark, then it was me. 

I have been fighting for the climate of our planet since year 2014 and I need my fundings if they exsist to continue to fight for the climate of our planet, which I have done seriously since year 2014, when I published the first part of the Climate hypothesis. I also fought before year 2014, I believe it started many years ago. The question is when leaders acknowledge my contribution to the global turn around fostering the movement of the Climate change for the benefit of us all, the human mankind and our planet. This I could do because I knew these war tools, but some colleagues in year 2014 found out that I had special capabilities. I suggest all leaders do some crowd funding to secure my financial situation or provide access to my funds if they exsist. Many leaders do the right thing and many help out in the global turn around Climate change movement, but this almost cost me my life, but some have saved me from death because people die from so much harassment and abuse. Tina also. To lead other out of trouble is leadership and some have done that to me,Tina and my kids and perhaps Lene. To be able to change big organizations is an important leadership task, a state of art in leadership and I belive my continuing contribution to the Climate change movement also is necessary in the further process of the Climate change movement, so please do not kill me or destroy me, my kids, my family and friends. I need to have bread on the table everyday and I am unfortunately poor as in real poor, no accomondation, no food due to lack of acknowledgement, harassment and abuse. I also think the reason for me being poor is because people are afraid of my capabilities, but perhaps it was also because somebody stole this honor from me or from us, but I do not know that for sure. But what is clear is that the report I got zero for at the University in Denmark nobody understood. Perhaps there was discrepencies in the report, which could not be accepted, but it is obviously that the entire world has a copy of the report as one of the greek gods therories has been applied to sport and the Olympic games. The methaphor I love the most is the wine making theory of the greek gods. I was also startled by the power of the tools, they are forcefull war tools and they have to be used for the benefit of the climate of our planet and to maytain mankind. The hammer is a very forcefull tool and I will not teach anybody, who do not respect the tools and use them for hurting anybody or neglecting anybody as they did to me. The reason that I am not dead is because I know the war tools better than any and know how to deal with the tools. The tools have to be used for the existance and understanding of human mankind and our planet, as it is stipulated in my literature. The bank I have had for the past 20 years or more is Vestjysk Bank, Denmark and any contribution to support me is welcome. My private account number is IBAN: DK2276030001305287 SWIFT/BIC: VEHODK22, alternatively my business account is IBAN: DK5677470001453207 SWIFT/BIC: VEHODK22 both in danish currency. You are also welcome to open an account for me in UK or USA. Remember to inform me of your contribution use Twitter BirgitteBang @BirgitteBang3 or try to reach me in another way. UK phone number +44 7903324784 or DK +45 81740227.

I am in need of fundings and I am looking for investors or recognition and acknowlegement basis the Climate hypothesis I have written alternativly a well paid job could be a possibility. I cannot afford to cherry pick or not to travel. Please call 07903324784 UK number. 

I cannot understand that I have not received any e-mails, 3-4 years or more have gone now and it is unbeliveble that nobody have written to me on my e-mail adress during a long period and still not doing. The e-mail adress is mentioned in the first page of my books or literature. I have basically not sold any books, but many people obviously got access to my books and reports. Would somebody please clear that up or investigate that. I am in completely neglect and feel that everybody talks about me and not to me and nobody pays me for my work. It is ruining me and I feel alone.

Nobody talks to me also not my own kids. But they are also prohibited to see me by danish government, their farther and his parents, their stepmother and perhaps more non governmental people are involved as I am prohibited to see my kids due to neglect, discrimination and harassment. The kids school is also involved, I was not allowed to participate in meetings with the kids related to theire education. I understand that the kids think that I am not allowed to come to the school and I had to go to seperate meeting without the kid. Where is the authority against that. Would somebody please help to stop that violence against me and the kids. The smallest kid was brutally taken from me in august 2018 by danish authorities for no reason and I basically never saw her again ( between 36-45 hours have we been together since) and nobody would help me. She is crying every day and wants to be raised by her mother, but she is not allowed to. Now the kids do not miss me anymore and all the mentioned people and danish government say that the kids do not want to be with me or to se me. I have not been allowed to see my kids for years and they do not know me anymore. They do not know who I am therefore I wrote some of the literature so the kids will have a possibility to remember me and will know who I was and what I did when they grew up and how I loved them. I was also such a kid. I do not know my mother I was brutally taken away from her as well. I need to fight for my kids, I need to fight because I want them to know that I am waiting for them and I try to make sure this will not happen for my daugthers and son. I try to make sure this is kown so it does not become an inheritance for the next generation. I try to make sure history does not repeat it self for the destruction of human mankind. My kids are being abused and left on their own without their mother to take care of them. I know that as I was such a kid and my father did not always knew what us girls needed. 

Further update February 2020. I really need fundings as in right now. Please meet me in Bexleyheath at the Crook Log. 

Update February 2020. In year 2014 I plublished the first part of an  evolution, culture and climate hypothesis. It took me three years to complete the work and it contains many descripencies, there need to be elaborated on. 

I and members of my family and some of my friends have experienced neglect and harassment to an extensive measure due to the political and religious view points written even though the majority is only a hypothesis of circular leadership. I believe me, my farther Per Knudsen, the russians and perhaps more people have provided the world with knowledge and tools to deal with our climate change challenges and the past years have proven the thesis right to some point.

I am financially broke and would like to hear from anybody who has interests in the climate as I would like to hear from anybody who would like to participate and invest. I need fundings please call 07903324784. I am in the town Bexleyheath at the Crook Log Guest House, the southen part of London and I am not registered yet. 


Update January 2020. I have not had any meeting or provided any paid consultant services to the danish government.

Update December 2019. If any inacurate response have been recived please disregard this mail. 

Update October 2019. Life can be hard and I need to reestablish my life. I have not executed any courses or worked as a consultant within leadership, nor have I earned any money or received any money for investment in my company, but I have had a lot of challenges with my family and children. I hope that my skills can be usefull and I would like to participate in serious business, which also include a serious responsibility for construction of societies and our earth. 

I have written about modern problems as global climate change, which I believe we have to do something about besides just doing business and I would like to hear from anybody, who would like to work with me. You can reach me on email: I moved to London and look forward to get on with my life and begin in a new job. 

Happy weekend to your all


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